IMAP Instructions for ZillaMail

If you have a Premium ZillaMail account you can use our IMAP email setting to access ZillaMail from an email client.  Enter the following Server Names in the Server Configuration areas:

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

SSL enable will be NO
The user name is the full email address for incoming and outging mail settings.
The rest of the configurations will remain as the default has set.
For IMAP under Advanced, make sure there is a / (forward slash) in the IMAP Path Prefix
Make sure Authentication Method is Password
If there are problems sending or receiving email you can change the SMTP Port 587.  Many ISP’s will bock port 25 for their own spam protections.  This setting is in the "Advanced" tab.
Please note: Sending messages via IMAP email will bypass the ZillaMail web servers. If you have the BCC feature enabled for your account, you will not receive copies of sent messages from IMAP devices or IMAP email clients. This is true only for outgoing messages, not incoming messages. All incoming messages will still go through the web mail servers and be copied if the BCC feature is enabled.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and other device set up instructions

Most smartphone and tablets use the same set up process. Here are the instructions specifically for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad but should be very similar and can be used for the other devices:
Click on Mail, Add Account and then select Other
Next screen select Add Mail Account
Fill in your Name, then ZillaMail email address, ZillaMail password, and description of the account
Next screen
Incoming Mail Settings
Host Name:
User Name:    This will be your full email address
Password:       This is your ZillaMail password
Outgoing Mail Server:
Host Name:
User Name:     this will be your full email address
Password:        This will be your ZillaMail password
Click Next
Don't skip this step:
The verification process will start.  It will bring up a message saying “Cannot Connect Using SSL, do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?”
Click Yes
The verification process can take up to a couple minutes. If you get the same question again, click Yes again. Sometimes it takes a little extra time to verify the account.
If there are problems sending or receiving email you can change the SMTP Port 587. Many ISP’s will bock port 25 for their own spam protections. This setting is in the "SMTP" button.
You will also want to verify that there is a / (forward slash) in the IMAP Path Prefix area
Please note: POP email clients bypass the ZillaMail server for sent messages. If you have enabled the BCC feature on your account, sent messages will not be copied to the parent email address, only received messages.

Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD

Incoming Server Settings
Type full email adderss for Username and Password
IMAP server
Security Type
None (make sure to uncheck all checked items)
143 for IMAP
SMTP Server
Require sign-in
Type full email address
ZillaMail password
The Kindle HD has a new email service that may not be compatible with our service. Some people have been able to get it to work and other have not. After doing some research, this has been the case with other email services such as g-mail. We are hoping that with the next few Kindle updates there will be a fix for the email problem.


If the standard set up does not work, the fix we found is for to download the K-9 email app on your Kindle from the Amazon store.  This is a free app and is used to fix the issues with the Kindle email. Once downloaded you can enter the IMAP instructions we have for our service.


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